Hutton Cricket Club

Hutton Cricket Club - Club Rules



Polo Field Ground, Hall Green Lane, Hutton, Brentwood, Essex

Telephone: 01277 219864





  1. The Club shall be called the Hutton Cricket Club.


  2. The Officers of the Club shall be President, Chairman, Two Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, House Secretary, Ground Secretary, Welfare Officer and Club Captain who shall not be the 1st Team Captain. (AGM Dec 2005)


  3. The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee, consisting of the Officers of the Club, the Bar Manager, the Fixture Secretary, two Social Secretaries, the Colts Organiser, the Team Captains and two Club Members without portfolio. Four members to form a quorum. (AGM Nov 1999)


    3a. There shall be four Trustees of the Club. The first Trustees shall be appointed by the Committee and the property of the Club (other than cash which shall be under the control of the Treasurer) shall be vested in them to be dealt with by them as the Committee shall from time to time direct by resolution (of which an entry in the Minute Book shall be conclusive evidence). The Trustees shall be indemnified against risk and expense out of the Club property.


    The Trustees shall hold office until death or resignation or until removed from office by resolution of the Committee who may for any reason which may seem sufficient to a majority of them present and voting at any meeting remove any Trustee or Trustees from the office of Trustee. If by any reason of such death, resignation or removal, it shall appear necessary to the Committee that a new Trustee or Trustees or additional Trustees shall be appointed or if the Committee shall deem it expedient to appoint an additional Trustee, the Committee shall by resolution nominate the person or persons to be appointed the new Trustee or Trustees. For the purposes of giving effect to such nomination, the Chairman for the time being of the Club is hereby nominated as the person to appoint new Trustees of the Club within the meaning of Section 36 of the Trustee Act 1925, and he shall by deed duly appoint the parson or persons so nominated by the Committee as the new Trustee or Trustees of the Club and the provisions of the Trustee Act 1925 shall apply to any such appointment. Any statement of fact in such deed of appointment shall in favour of a person dealing bona fide and for value with the Club or the Committee and the Trustees or any one or more of them be conclusive evidence of the fact so stated.


    3b. The Committee will appoint Sub-Committees and delegate suitable powers to them. The principal Sub-Committees will be Bar, House and Ground, Administration and Cricket.

    (AGM Nov 1997)


    3c. Vice Captains shall be appointed by the respective Team Captains. (AGM Nov1997)


    3d. The purchase for the Club and the supply by the Club of intoxicating liquor shall be the responsibility of the Management Committee and shall be dealt with by a Sub-Committee consisting of the Bar Manager and four other Club members. (AGM Nov 2001)


  4. Membership shall be open to all irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, creed, colour, social status or sexual orientation. Admittance to membership shall be determined by the Committee. (AGM Nov 2003)


4a. The Committee shall have the power to elect Honorary Life Members in reward for services rendered to the Club.

4b. The Committee shall have the power to elect Vice-Presidents and Honorary Vice-Presidents at its discretion. (AGM Nov 2002)


4c. Persons may not be admitted to membership, nor be admitted as candidates for membership to any of the privileges of membership, without an interval of at least two days between their nomination or application for membership and their admission; and persons becoming members without prior nomination or application may not be admitted to the privileges of membership without an interval of at least two days between their becoming members and their admission. The name and address of any candidate for membership shall be displayed in a prominent position in a part of the Club premises frequented by members for not less than two days before their admission to membership. (SGM Aug 2004 and subsequent AGM Nov 2004)


4d. No person may be admitted to the membership of the Club otherwise than in accordance with the preceding Rules nor may any person other than a member of the Club be admitted to the privileges of members of the Club.


4e. All new members having been duly elected in accordance with Rule 4 shall serve a probationary period of six months before being granted full membership. This class of member will be known as a Probationary Member. The Committee will monitor the conduct of Probationary Members throughout the probationary period and have powers to refuse full membership. The Treasurer will have authority to refund proportionally any subscription paid by a Probationary Member who is not elected to full membership. (AGM Nov 1997)


  1. Annual subscriptions shall be determined by the Annual General Meeting preceding each playing season. The annual subscription will fall due on 1 January and should be paid by no later than 30 April. Annual subscriptions paid after 30 April but no later than 30 June will incur a 25% late payment penalty. Failure to pay the annual subscription by 30 June will result in the forfeiture of Club membership. (This Rule does not apply to Colt Family Members). (AGM Nov 2006)


  2. There will be six categories of membership, defined as follows: (AGM Nov 2006)


    6a. Full Playing Members will be any playing member 21 years of age or over on 1 September of the preceding season.


    6b. Junior Playing Members will be any playing member 16 years of age or over on 1 September but under 21 years of age on 30 August of the preceding season.


    6c. Non-Playing Members will be any non-playing member 16 years of age or over on 1 September of the preceding season.


    6d. Probationary Members will be any Full Playing Member or Non-Playing Member elected in accordance with Rule 4e.


    6e. Colt Family Members will be any juvenile player under 16 years of age on 30 August of the preceding season and their parent/ parents or guardian/ guardians.


    6f. Associate Colt Members will be any non-playing juvenile member under 16 years of age on 30 August of the preceding season.


  3. The Selection Committee shall consist of Captains and/or Vice Captains and one member to be appointed by the Club Committee. (AGM Nov 1997)


  4. Disciplinary Matters. All disciplinary matters connected with the Club or the conduct of matches or tournaments played under the auspices of the Club shall be dealt with in accordance with the “Code of Conduct” and “Disciplinary Rules” adopted by the Management Committee in April 1999, which have been abstracted from the “ECB Cricket Club Management Manual” (published June 1997) and which shall be deemed to be incorporated within and form part of these Rules.

    (AGM Nov 1999)



  5. The Treasurer shall render an account of all monies received and paid by him on behalf of the Club, which account shall be submitted at the Annual General Meeting.


    9a. The Ground and Club premises shall be open for the use of members during such hours as the Committee shall determine. (AGM Nov 1997)


    9b. Intoxicating liquor may be sold by or on behalf of the Club to visiting players and Officials of the Clubs engaged in fixtures with the Club. Such intoxicating liquor to be consumed on the Club’s premises on the day of any such fixture.


    9c. The permitted hours for the sale of intoxicating liquor shall be as follows:

    Monday to Saturday inclusive: 11.00 am to 11.00 pm

    Sundays and Good Friday: 12.00 noon to 10.30 pm

    Christmas Day: 12.00 noon to 2.00 pm and 6.30 pm to 10.00 pm

    (SGM Aug 2004 and subsequent AGM Nov 2004)


    9d. Under no circumstances shall intoxicating liquor be supplied to persons under the age of 18. (AGM Nov 1999)


    9e. Any member may introduce guests and will be responsible for their good behaviour. Guests and the member introducing them shall sign in a book kept on the premises for that purpose.

    (SGM Aug 2004 and subsequent AGM Nov 2004)


    9f. Upon written application, the Management Committee may have the discretion to allow pre-arranged social functions at the Club’s premises where admission and supply of alcoholic liquor may be to persons other than members and their guests. The number of such functions shall not exceed twelve in any calendar year and notice of such functions shall be given to the Police at least seven days prior thereto. (SGM Aug 2004 and subsequent AGM Nov 2004)


          9g. To utilise electronic communication for notices and minutes of AGM’s and EGM’s and for the

          further business of the Club.(AGM Dec. 2007)


  6. Annual General Meetings shall be held before the commencement of each season not more than fifteen months apart. A Special General Meeting can be called by the Committee, or on the written request of not less than seven members forwarded to the Honorary Secretary, and such meeting shall be held within fourteen days of the receipt of the request. Seven days notice must be given of all General meetings. (SGM Aug 2004 and subsequent AGM Nov 2004)


    10a. Candidates for election as Officers of the Club and members of the Committee shall be proposed and seconded by members of the Club.


    10b. Candidates for election as aforesaid shall be any member of the Club of at least one year standing. Such period may include the probationary period. (AGM Nov 1997)


    10c. All members of the Club (Full Playing Members, Junior Playing Members, Honorary Life Members, Vice-Presidents and Non-Playing Members) shall be entitled to vote and have equal voting rights on formal resolutions and at elections at General Meetings of the Club. The exception being the nomination and election of Team Captains, for whom only Full Playing Members (as defined in Rule 6a), Junior Playing Members (as defined in Rule 6b), Honorary Life Members (as defined in Rule 4a) and the Officers of the Club (as defined in Rule 2) may vote. (AGM Nov 2004)


    10d. Probationary Members, Honorary Vice-Presidents, Colt Family Members and Associate Colt Members shall not have voting rights. (AGM Nov 2002)


  7. No alteration shall be made in the Rules of the Club except at a General Meeting. Written notice of any proposed alterations of Rules, together with names of proposer and seconder, shall be given to the Honorary Secretary not less than fourteen days before the date of the General Meeting. The Honorary Secretary shall notify members of the proposed alteration at least seven days before the General Meeting.


  8. If any question arises for which the foregoing Rules do not provide, the Committee shall have powers to deal with it and its decision shall be reported at the next General Meeting.


  9. The pool table(s) and fruit machine(s) in the Clubhouse may only be emptied by not less than two of any of the following Officers: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer. All proceeds shall be paid into and form part of the Club’s funds and shall only be used for the benefit of the Club. (AGM Nov 1997)


  10. In the event of the dissolution of the Club, all assets will be realised and after the payment of all creditors and obligations, the remaining assets will be passed to Essex County Cricket Board, or other similar organisation concerned with recreational cricket with objectives comparable to those of the Club, as may be determined by the Officers of the Club. (AGM Nov 2004)


  11. Hutton Cricket Club has adopted and implemented the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) ‘Safe Hands – Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children’ and any future versions of the policy.

(AGM Dec 2007)


















































Rules deduced from Rule Book dated February 1963. Variations and new Rules at subsequent AGMs.