Hutton Cricket Club

Women and Girls Competitions 2018

     U9 Softball League
Run by the Central District, we play our newest and youngest girls in this league. As girls are able to play 2 years down, this competition is open to all girls in year 6 and below.  Teams are generally 8 or 10 a side and the girls play in pairs, ensuring everyone get to bat and to bowl. When a wicket falls, runs are deducted from the batting sides's total and the player stays in to have another go.

  Lady Taverners Softball Festivals
These festivals are played at u11 and u13 age groups and are a fantastic way to introduce girls to competitive cricket as they are good fun and played in a friendly spirit.  Depending on the number of teams entered, girls usually get to play in 3 or 4 games during the day.  Teams are generally 8 a side and there is no need to "pad up" or wear other protective clothing as they are softball.

Lady Taverners U13 and U15 T20 Competition

This is a knockout cup competition played at two age groups.  They are hardball matches, 8 a side T20 games.  Hutton has a team entered at each age group this season.

  West Essex Girls League
An informal T20 all girl hardball league set up by a number of clubs in the area to ensure plenty of cricket for the girls.  We play in two leagues at age U13 and U16. Matches are generally played with 8 a side and are played in a very friendly spirit.

  Central District League
Over the last 3 years or so, Hutton has successfully included girls in its boys' teams playing in this league and for the last 2 years we have entered mixed teams at U13 and U15 playing half girls and half boys.  In 2017 we entered an all girls team at U11 and went on to win the division - an outstanding achievement.  In 2018, we are once again entering mixed teams into age groups U11, u13 and u15.

  Women's Softball Festival
In 2017 Hutton hosted a women's softball festival where teams of women came together to play softball cricket, have some fun and enjoy a glass or two of Prosecco.  Many had never picked up a bat before.  We are hosting again in 2018 on 11th July.  Take a look at our softball page for further details.

    Beaumont Seymour Women's League
2018 sees us about to enter our 3rd full year in this league.  These games are T20s played on a Friday night throughout May and June and while competitive are also very good fun and a great introduction to the women's game.  In 2017 Hutton Ladies got to the final and narrowly missed out on becoming champions when the opposition ran 4 runs on the last ball of the innings to win by a single run.  

Two Counties Southern League (Women)
We are very excited to be entering this league for the first time in 2018.  These are 40 over Sunday games and Hutton is looking forward to competing against some of the top women's sides in the County.  Our first game is on 6th May at home to East Herts - why not come down to the Polo Fields to support us?